We look forward to seeing you--and your recyclable electronics--on April 17 at 12320 Davis Road in Woodstock. The Rotary Club of Woodstock is proud to collaborate with Dorr Township and several other partners for this event. Please note that we will accept many items for free, but there are charges for some items, and we are accepting CASH ONLY when you arrive on April 17. Please see some charges below, and click here for the complete fee schedule. If you have additional questions, please email Chris (Chris@dorrtownship.com). 
  • $20 per Tube TV
  • $20 per Flat Screen TV
  • $50 per Projection TV
  • $10 per CRT/Tube Computer Monitor, CRT All-in-Ones, eMacs, etc.
  • $0 flat screen computer monitors
  • $0 for printers, copiers, fax machines, office and cell phones, keyboards, mice, cords, cables, wires
Again, please see this list for complete details on fees charged for items.
We WILL NOT take fluorescent bulbs, ballasts, or capacitors.