That’s the key to beating COVID-19. So far I am not aware of any members of our club that have contracted the COVID-19 virus. It must be the good works that our fellow members continue to do for our community that has enabled us to develop a natural immunity to the virus. Service above self must be the key to maintaining a strong immune system that allows us to fight off the effects of  the virus. 
Just in case this is not the reason that we have all been able to remain healthy,   I have a U-Tube presentation that was developed by a Woodstock physician specializing in Functional Medicine. This is a  presentation that focuses on the way to strengthen our immune systems to better enable us to fight off the  Corona Virus as well as other viruses that are constantly attacking our bodies.   This is not meant to be a political presentation or an  advertisement for Doctor Iduna. It is for the purpose of understanding the mechanism by which the Corona and other viruses work.   Here is the link to view the YouTube    It’s called Boosting Your Immune System.