Posted by Lloyd Shaw
Record cold to write bulletin by.  Stay inside if possible.  Steve Reick received word from our sister club in Woodstock UK that they are formally shutting down.  That was the club that many of our club visited many years ago.  They are down to 12 members, 3 over 80  and unable to attract new members. 
Garret sent out an e-mail this week with the agenda for this weekend events.  Please read and take part in activities as you can.  Club support is great.  Remember the meeting this Friday is at Woodstock North HS.
First Friday Social is at WineStock on the square.  5:30 til whenever.  Come and enjoy the comradery.     Webster actually defines the term "comrads" as members of a fraternal group.  Very appropriate adjective to describe our Friday activity.
Future Plans:
Marlene's husband, Hugh, has agreed to act as a facilitator for a discussion on the future of our Christmas Clearing House project.  This process will take place over the next 6 months.  In summary, the project will involve a 1/2 day retreat for general discussion, the appointment of a committee of approximately 10 people including members of the community, interviews with other community organization representatives,  and finally a proposal from the committee to the club for ratification.  The purpose of this review of our very successful project is to determine if we can find additional uses for our current resources. 
Be thinking about new ways to expand our aid to the community.  Understand that the facilitatory meeting will be to list all possibilities.  Think outside the box. No idea will be discouraged.  Fresh ideas are welcomed.