Posted by William Schuberth
I almost didn’t have enough time to write the bulletin this week because I got caught up with the National Geographic channel and it marathon presentation of D-Day programs. After watching several hours of D-Day programming I finally got it in my head why the World War II veterans and civilians are called the Greatest Generation.  On that day 75 years ago 132,000 soldiers assaulted the beaches of Northern France with aircraft bombing, ships assaulting the beaches with their long range cannons, and thousands of troops assaulting the beaches from landing craft and DD floating tanks. Inland about 9000 paratroopers jumped out of airplanes to help give support behind the enemy lines and to stop the Germans from getting their tanks and other supplies to the beaches .  US soldiers landed at Omaha and Utah beaches with about 57,000 troops.  The Utah beach landing went as planned and was a surprise to the Germans and only about 300 US troops were lost. The soldiers at Omaha were not so lucky. The bombings designed to take out the defenses at the beach were given inaccurate coordinates and most of the air assault missed the targets, leaving Germans defenses in tact and ready for our troops that came in on the landing to the beach.  US troops were met by heavy resistance and over 2000 soldiers lost their lives in the first couple of hours. I have known about D-Day and the massive assault for years, but seeing some of the live films during the landings was horrific. It was the largest invasion to ever take place in history and was responsible for the liberation of France and the ending of the  War in Europe and defeating that mad man Hitler who would not have stopped until he conquered all of Europe and moved to North America.  I was also at a Memorial Day Ceremony and the speaker said some things that made the D-Day effort more meaningful.  He said,” It is the soldier not the Minister that gives us freedom of religion. It is the soldier not the news papers that give us freedom of the press. It is the soldier not the politician that gives us the right to vote. It is the soldier not the bill of right that gives the right to free speech. It is the soldier that gives the ability to enjoy those rights that are in the Bill of Rights.  Without  out soldiers willing to fight to defend those rights that we in this country take for granted we would not have those rights. “Take some time to view some of the movies about D-Day on National Geographic channel and be grateful to our Parents and Grandparents who gave of themselves so we could enjoy the freedoms that are now being taken away from people in other parts of the world.    FREEDOM IS NOT FREE.