Apr 06, 2018
Mike Turner
What's going on in Woodstock

Mike Turner, Duputy Mayor and City Council Member will be presenting at today's lunch meeting. 

Mike is honored to speak to Rotary about his thoughts on the challenges facing Woodstock and our opportunities for the future.  Mike is a four-term Woodstock City Councilman and is also the Deputy Mayor.  Mike has a reputation as a plain-talking, direct politician who challenges the status quo and demands more of government, yet with a very pragmatic approach to solving problems.  
Mike has lived in Woodstock since 1996.  He and his wife Kim raised their two boys in Woodstock, with both graduation from D200.  For over 15 years, Mike was very active in local youth sports.  Mike works in the healthcare industry as a Senior Account Executive for UnitedHealthcare of Wisconsin.  Additionally, he and his wife Kim are co-owers of SportsCity Academy in Woodstock.  Mike is passionate about Woodstock and has very specific ideas about how Woodstock can continue to grow and develop.