For more than 50 years, the Rotary Club and Christmas Clearing House ensured everyone in our community has a Merry Christmas. This year more than 1,200 families will receive food and toy bags delivered directly to their homes.
This is a community effort and it takes the community to make is a success. We need you. 
Some of the ways to help -

Volunteer to Deliver - On Saturday, December 16, starting at 8:30, hundreds of volunteers will come to our Christmas Clearing House warehouse at 1191 Lake Ave (next to Walmart) to pick up and deliver food and toys.  We go until we are done. 
Donate - We need your financial support to make this a success. This year, our expenses have gone up and we need to raise $90,000 to meet the needs of our community. Please consider making a donation today. You can make your donation online here or checks made payable to Christmas Clearing House can be mailed to PO Box 53, Woodstock, IL 60098