Friday Fun!
This past Friday was a day of Rotary Fun. We kicked off the day with a field trip to the Moose for lunch. Laura lead a team building activity for our program focused on our classifications. Our table had a great conversation on our careers. We learned from Larry that realtors work much harder and make much less than what we thought. (We also learned that Larry only takes jobs that are on Cass St. Which you would thinking would be limiting, but he has made a success of that.) We also learned that Steve may be a little jaded with our State's political process at the moment.
I'm confident that it was equally eye opening for Kent & Luke to learn about each other's careers. 
It was a fun way for us to continue to learn about our fellow Rotarians. 
Later that evening was First Friday at Scorched Earth. Rotarians enjoyed beer, pierogis and fellowship with Rotarians and their friends and families.
As a club we do a lot in and for the community - but what makes this club great is the fellowship. Thank you to Laura for organizing a great Friday, thank you to all who came and those who didn't make it this month. You were missed.