Posted by William Schuberth on Jul 18, 2017
I think a word of praise is due for our new president.  Laurie Lewandowski did an outstanding job on her first official meeting as the new president of our club. She was able to take the podium and exude leadership even though she had to do it without the benefit of a previously published bulletin for the week.Laurie, if you can survive your first meeting without the help of a bulletin that is very thinly read you should be able to face anything that comes up in the next year.  I especially like your take on clean drinking water. When looked at it in a global way it all comes down to having good toilets and a well designed disposal system otherwise it all gets recycled again and in this case recycling is not such a good thing.  Enjoy your year as president. I am sure you will do an outstanding job in leading our club into the future. Thank you for your time and effort.