Once again our club has stepped up to the plate and has been able to adapt to new surroundings for our CCH staging area. This year we were able to secure  a new warehouse for our CCH staging and it turned out to be one of the best  places yet to prepare for D Day. According to the latest report CCH was able to provide deliveries  of food clothing and toys for 914 families. 1441 children received  toys and will be able to have a real Christmas, that is if they wait until Christmas to receive their toys.  Deliveries started at approximately 7:30 AM and the last delivery vehicle left the warehouse at approximately 10:45 AM. There were fewer returns this year than in past years. There were also fewer recipients this year. Perhaps the economy is actually improving as our politicians have been telling us for most of this election year. If this keeps up maybe CCH will be put out of business. Wouldn't that be great if nobody in our community were in need of  financial help. It would be nice, but I think we will be doing CCH for quite some time but perhaps it won't be on such  a grand scale.