Posted by William Schuberth on Aug 28, 2017
This last weekend the great state of Texas was the recipient of one of the most devastating hurricanes in our history. Hurricane Harvey was not necessarily the most powerful hurricane in history, but it will go down as one of the most damaging hurricanes in history. When Hurricane Harvey hit land it did not dissipated and wither away. It seemed to get stuck and parked itself over a 300 mile area of the gulf coastal lowland area of Texas where it continued to dump torrential rains on the coastal areas of Texas. From 10 to 50 inches of rain was recorded in the affected areas. It is now preparing to make a turn and move back over Galveston to give it another dose of torrential rainfall. The people of Texas and the surrounding areas will be in need of all the help they can get, both financial and physical help to clean up after the storm.  Our District 6440 will be accepting donations thru its Charitable Fund and will be distributing the funds via Rotary clubs in the hurricane area and as usual Rotary will have feet on the ground to insure the moneys will be used wisely and distributed in a fair and efficient manner. Donations can be made by going on the District 6440 website and clicking on the Charitable Fund listing, on the fund there will be a listing for Hurricane Harvey, click on that and make any donations you feel are appropriated. All donations to the Charitable Fund are tax deductible.