Posted by William Schuberth on Nov 14, 2018
It seems that the Hurricanes in Florida and North Carolina happened a long time ago. For the people living in the affected area it is still just the beginning of the recovery and rebuild from all the damage. The schools in some of the areas just started about a week ago and homes in the area are still no where near being repaired even for those with the money to pay for the work.  District 6440 is asking for donations for help in the rebuilding process. If you look at the District news letter, there is an article explaining how to make donations thru our District 6440 Charitable Foundation. Our charitable foundation is a 501 C 3 and any moneys are tax deductible . Donations can be made by logging on to the District web site and clicking on the Charitable foundation link.  Donations can be earmarked for either or both of the hurricane affected areas. Any donations to the Foundation will be administered our district and will channeled thru Rotary clubs or Rotarians in  the area.  For anyone wishing to travel to the affected areas there is a possibility of a hands on work mission. If you are interested volunteering you can contact me and if there is enough interest among members of our district we will try to get something  started. Last year we were invited to participate with Greater Barrington Area Hurricane Relief Association. I just found out a couple weeks ago that I am still the District 6440 Disaster Relief Liaison. Apparently I will have this job until I get it done right, so please open up your hearts and pocket books and donate generously . The next disaster relief effort will probably be centered on the fires in California but nothing can be done from our perspective until the fires are under control.  The affected areas will be trying to rebuild and recover from the damage for years to come. For some perspective  on the level of a damage, my son lives in North Carolina about 10 miles from Wilmington which was central target of the hurricane. It is estimated that  the cleanup just to clear fallen trees in the area will cost at least 15 million dollars and will have work crews working 15 hours daily until the end of March 2019.  Bill Schuberth