An excerpt from New Rotary President Tom Rogers:
The dinner was great! The best part was that people talked during appetizers, talked for 45 minutes through dinner and then talked for another hour after the program was over. Since we are so rushed on Fridays it was great to have time to talk with each other and socialize! We talked about the need to have firesides again. We will have more time to socialize this year, I promise!
Regarding the AUCTION for next year:  I went ahead and made a tentative save for May 7, the day before mother’s day again. It seemed to work this past year so I figured we do it again. The other Saturday in May is May 21 and I think that is D200 high schools graduation weekend. The other date open was Saturday April 30.  Thoughts?
An abridged version of my comments, without the awkward introduction or my cringing, follow…
As Rotarians, we all put in hard work over and above our normal jobs to make our club a success. I referenced a video clip from a movie I will share personally at another time. Then, I talked about my history in the club, coming in at age 35 as the youngest member at the time. Among other traits, the club has been patient with me and helped me become more mature. The whole club has served as my mentor and it has been an honor.
Looking back as president now, 14 years, later it is easy to remember those people who were around when I joined and are no longer here. I miss them. We miss them. So I see myself as a bridge between some of our new & young members to those of us who have been around for a while. Our tradition and history is not taken lightly. We can remember, share and reuse it when appropriate.. I will do my best to lead our club during my presidential year. I stand on the shoulders of all our members and presidents who have gone before me over our 47 years of existence. It is an honor and privilege to serve this way. I look forward with working with all our members to create a successful year.