Posted by William Schuberth on Nov 21, 2017
It is with a sad heart that I am adding this story to our weekly bulletin. I was notified by Denise that Jim Keefe passed away on Tuesday  November 21.  Some of you new members may not know Jim Keefe because he was not present for many meetings in the last two years. Jim Keefe was one of the charter members of our club. Without Jim Keefe there might not have even been a Woodstock Rotary Club. Jim was  a Rotarian not in name but in action. Jim was truly a good person. He was a good father. He was a good citizen who gave much back to his community  and Church and he was truly a good Rotarian who lived by the 4 Way Test. Jim was a role model for many members of the club. Our club will certainly  miss him. Jim provided energy and guidance and a unique form of leadership from the first day that the Woodstock Rotary Club was chartered until he passed away. I am sure his spirit will be watching over our club and guiding us into the future.  Lets all do our best to make Jim proud of the club he helped to found.