Posted by William Schuberth on May 31, 2017
I hope everyone had a nice week end over Memorial Day. The weather turned out really nice with sunshine and a brisk breeze. While I was attending the Memorial Day presentation in Williams Bay, Wisconsin on Monday I was greeted by some people at the ceremony who wished me a Happy Memorial Day. That was nice until I listened to the presentation  and realized that wishing someone a happy Memorial Day was not exactly what Memorial Day is all about.  Memorial Day is a day set aside to give thanks and to honor those soldiers and public servants such as firemen and policemen and their families who have given their lives as the ultimate sacrifice in service to others. It is a day to pay reverence to those who have given all they could so that we could enjoy the the freedoms that we often take for granted in our country. We have the greatest country in the world and enjoy more freedoms than any other country in the world. We enjoy freedom of speech, freedom of religion,  freedom to express ourselves, freedom to seek employment of our choosing, and freedom to move about in our country without being detained because of race, religion, or sex and we have the freedom to vote for those representatives who we feel will most properly represent us and our ideals so that we will continue to be able to enjoy those freedoms we take for granted. Remember Memorial Day is not just a long weekend that starts of the summer of fun, it is a day to take a moment to give thanks for those who gave their lives to make these things possible for us to enjoy.