Posted by William Schuberth on Oct 03, 2018
Nashville Tennessee turned out to be a big surprise for Ron Jarvis last week. Ron was going to make up at the Nashville club so he called to confirm that the the meeting would be at the Wild Horse Cafe. The phone was answered by a receptionist and he was informed that the meeting was being held as scheduled. The cost of the buffet was $30 per person. Upon arriving he found that the name badges for the members were bar coded. When he sat down at a table and introduced himself as a CPA and started to talk to one of the members he was informed that the club has 597 members.  It is the 3rd largest club in the U.S.  and usually they have about 250 members at a meeting.  The speaker was the mayor of Memphis. Needless to say Ron was quite surprised by the size of the club in Nashville. Who would have thought there would be a club that big in Nashville or anywhere for that matter.