On Monday April 4th, we will be having a visioning session at the Woodstock Public Library Meeting Room, located at 414 West Judd Street, Woodstock, IL.
Please complete your RVQ and email the completed form to Mike Ericksen at gov64400708@aol.com
The session will be led by a team of three facilitators from District 6440.  They will arrive at 4:30 pm to set up and club members are asked to arrive at 4:50 pm.  Either a box meal or buffet meal will be served.  At 5:15 the facilitation team will begin with introductions and the session will begin.  The meeting will end at 8:45 pm and all Rotarians are asked to help return the room to order.  The Library closes at 9:00.
Please understand that the purpose of the visioning process is help us examine who we are as club, where we have been and determine where we are headed.  It is an opportunity for you to share you thoughts and prepare our club fo the future.  Let Tom McGrath know either way.  Yes you are attending or No you are not attending.
Your attendance at the visioning session counts as a make-up and you get a free meal!