At last week’s meeting, Jim Campion initially and publicly tried to sway public opinion in the direction of forgiveness.  It was a deftly staged courtroom maneuver.  Seems each baseball season Jim (a sox fan) wagers with a select foursome who are CUB fans regarding which baseball team will win more games.  This year the CUBS won 21 more game than the sox and therefore Jim owed $21 per person.  As Jim tried to persuade the others to forgo the winnings, Jim was met with a quick a resounding PAY UP!  Fun at the ole ball park.
Earlier this year, the prediction was made that the Bulls, Hawks, Cubs, Sox and Bears would all qualify for the 2015 playoffs.  September came and the sox faltered.  Jim owes me $21 as well!  The Bears are rallying…
The definition of penultimate is something that is second to last or right before the last item in a series. Our president is keeping us on our toes!  Revival of the Word of the Day?  Remember Doc Johnson?  Rev Rogers has a nice ring to it.
Kudos to our club for the excellent attendance at the Rotary Chamber Mixer.  Thanks also to Golden Eagle Bank for being excellent hosts and securing a fine selection of sandwiches from local Woodstock businesses.  And there were some fine beverages available as well!  Of the non Rotarian guests present, I hope each guest was asked to consider Rotary.  Rev Rogers did an excellent job presenting Rotary to those in attendance.
The McHenry County Board voted to NOT place on the ballot the issue of whether townships should consolidate or not.  While not for or against township consolidation; had the issue been placed on the March 2016 ballot, plenty of information would have been supplied to the voting public by those who are for and against consolidation.  The public should have had the opportunity to vote.  Call your McHenry County Board members.  I did.