Last Friday our club was treated to one of the most pleasant programs in a long time. We were able to witness first hand a skype telephone call with one of our outbound students. Kelsi Morefield the daughter of one of our past presidents is currently an exchange student in Austria. On Friday we were able to have a first hand account of Kelsi's life as an exchange student. she seemed to be really excited about her experiences abroad and the friends she has made in the last 3 months. Our club should be very proud of her ability to be a good ambassador for our country and especially our Rotary Club. Kelsi was radiating excitement and enthusiasm during the entire conversation on Skype. A young lady like Kelsi has the ability to change how the world looks at us. She is a great example of what the Rotary Exchange Program is all about. This year we have two really great exchange students. Both Sophie Rogers, Tom's daughter, and Kelsi are two of the best prepared exchange students we have had. They both have a working knowledge of the language of the country they are in and they are both sincerely grateful for the wonderful experience that Rotary has been able to provide for them. They also make our club look really good in the eyes of the rotary program.