Busy time of year with many fund raisers and projects in the fire.  Top priority item is the Beach Party.  No excuses and running out of time.  Get it done what needs to be done and then save time to help decorate the day before the event Saturday, May 12. Try and schedule part of Friday the 11th for set up.
Our potted oak trees are due to arrive Friday the 20th of April.  Because they are in pots, they do not have to be planted immediately.  However, the planting  should occur as soon as the ground is dry enough to plant.  Anyone interested in helping with the planting please contact me.
The buffet idea for lunch seems to be going well.  I think everyone actually is seated with their food faster than the table service was allowing.  Please share your comments with Lori concerning the new food menu and the buffet service.
I hope Laura showed up at the correct meeting last Friday for our monthly club social.  I was planning to attend, but an emergency caesarian needed to be performed on my daughter-in- laws goat.  That took preference.  Doing surgery in an unheated barn is just not the same as having a well-lit, well heated surgery room.  Friday night was bad enough, but having to do another one at 3 AM on Sunday morning was a real cold project.  I went from the barn directly to the hot shower.  Mamas and babies are doing fine.  So the wonderful feeling of Grandpa being able to bring new life into the world far outweighs the cold  and numbed fingers.  So much for retirement.
Thought for the day:  Don't give up on Spring.  The tulips and daffodils are struggling to break ground and the hawks, owls and geese are all sitting on eggs.  Should be a good weekend to get outside.  Just "Do it!!!"