Speaker Date Topic
John B Jan 25, 2019
Christmas Clearing House Recap

How did we do this year? We had a new location. We had members stepping up in new positions. How was the lighting, tag days, toys drive and sorting, food purchasing and packing, and delivery day? 

Exchange Students Feb 01, 2019
Weekend in Woodstock *Field Trip to Woodstock North HS*

It's that time of year again, the ground hog, Woodstock and our exchange guests! We'll travel to Woodstock North HS for a fun lunch and hear from the kids from around the world. 

Lunch by Chipotle: cilantro rice, black beans, chicken, steak, fajitas veggies, lettuce, cheese, guacamole, fresh salsa, tomatillo green chili salsa, soft flour shells. 

Thank you to Gene for picking up!

Thomas DiFazio Feb 08, 2019
Who is this exchange student of ours?

Thomas will make the big reveal! Who is Thomas and where does he come from?

Robert Laurie from Home of the Sparrow Feb 15, 2019
Homelessness in McHenry County
Mike Hill Feb 22, 2019
WRFD referendum

The vote is coming up. Are you informed?

Denise Graff Ponstein Mar 01, 2019
Sergeant at Arms

Denise does everything for the club. Let's get some details on what that really means.

Shari Fitzgerald Mar 08, 2019
BSA Legacy of Service

The McHenry Legacy of Service Award is received by individuals and organizations within the county that have shown a commitment of service to their community, country, or the veteran community as a whole. Recipients are selected by other community members and volunteers and are honored at the annual Legacy of Service event in front of community leaders and peers from McHenry County.

All proceeds for the event will benefit the Blackhawk Area Council’s, McHenry County Scouting programs which provide Scouting programs to over 3,500 youth in McHenry County. All funds raised are directly allocated to scholarships, participant insurance, and program supplies to continue to make the Scouting programs in McHenry County sustainable and everlasting.

? Mar 15, 2019
The Woodstock Food Pantry

We've worked with them for so long. They've made a lot of changes over the years. Do we really know what goes on at the Food Pantry? 

Keith Johnson ? Mar 22, 2019
Citizen's Climate Lobby
Pres Joe and Roscoe Mar 29, 2019
Club Finance Report

You have got to see Roscoe's spreadsheets! They are amazing. 

Chris Cantwell May 03, 2019
Our Next Inbound Exchange Student

We have a student coming. Let’s talk about host families and how we are going to engage as a club. 

*FIELD TRIP* May 10, 2019
Rotary Beach Party Set Up

We'll be meeting at the Fair Grounds to set up for Beach Party. All hands on deck! 

Our lunch will be brought to us by Cesaroni's (Al's nephew's new place)!